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Military soldiers fighting mental fog PTSD

The Project 2.0 Foundation is committed to assisting veterans in their PTSD symptom management while enabling and training them to integrate into the successful post-military life they desire. 

Our Vision

Our Mission

The Project 2.0 Foundation was formed in 2019 after accidentally finding positive results in a group of Army special forces veterans who found they could better management their PTSD symptoms by training, and participating in, triathlons and other athletic events. With each other’s encouragement and support, their symptoms becoming more manageable with their focus on athletics, physical fitness, and proper nutrition as a mission, rather using recreational drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism. Symptoms of depression decreased, or were eliminated entirely. Once our veterans saw their personal success with PTSD symptom management, we heard a chorus of questions and requests for assistance in entrepreneurial opportunities and new (or continued) business education within the civilian world.


With the consideration by members of the psychiatric field, we formed this foundation with the mission to bring our findings national and open our program to all veterans. We have gathered a group of psychologists, physical fitness trainers, licensed nutritionists and dietitians, business leaders and founders in various industries to assist in our mission.

The Project 2.0 Foundation program encompasses all aspects of post military life: mental, physical, and financial training and support. The objective for each member is to create a “NEW YOU 2.0” version of themselves, to obtain the post-military life that they envision for themselves and their families. 

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